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Herd Mentality: Sheep, Goats And Even Cows Invade Charity Run In Germany

New Delhi: Hundreds of animals including sheep, goats and cows crashed a charity run in Germany. A number of videos posted on social media show the animals run alongside the humans.
Interestingly, they stick to their own lanes, avoid getting in the way of the humans and, according to a commentator, may have even helped raise more money for charity.

In a video posted by the Wings For Life World Run's official Twitter handle, two commentators can be heard laughing incredulously.

"We've seen some great pictures of the sheep slowing the 'catcher-car' down and allowing people to run a few kilometres more," one commentator remarks.

"A lot of people are sponsored on the number of kilometres they achieve, and these fellas out there are helping Wings for Life World Run raise even more money for spinal cord research," he adds.

"I'm just so impressed with the discipline of these sheep," another commentator laughs.