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Barbari Goat Farming In India – Profitable Goat Breed For Commercial Farming

Barbari is a beautiful medium range goat breed. Its white color and beautiful brown patches all around its body enhances its beauty and it looks like deer in appearance. Basically barbari goat breed is the origin of Berbera Somalia of East Africa. In India it is found in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab provinces specially in the north western India and Pakistan. This breed is also raised for its meat production and there meat conformation is considered as good in quality. Barbari goats are also known for its early maturity and triple kidding are quite common in this breed. This is the medium size goat breed with short ear, twisted pointed horns with bulging eyes which increases its beauty naturally. It can be commonly seen in the Mathura District of Uttar Pradesh,in some part of the Gujrat and Jhelum, Sargodha district of Punjab Province. Many Breeding tract of this breed is found in Agra and Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh.