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Goat farming in india

Goat farming in india Goatgyan is the company dedicated to indian goat industry development. No doubt that indian goat industry is still in its infancy, if we look from commercial point of view. But now this industry is becoming organizing.

In last decade poultry had become so much developed organised due to the vertical integration. This idea can also be exploited for goat industry development.

This can be done by proper research and extension work. Highly productive strains for meat and milk can be selected distributed. Proper nutrition is also required to improve daily weight gain.

20 recognized breeds of goat are available inindia. These are area specific adapted to particular region of the country. But more or less all breeds can survive in any part of the country except jk due to very low temperature in winters that is why people of jk like sheep meat because sheep is available through out the year.

Goat breeds are classified as milch breed, meat breed dual purpose. But broadly we can say that every breed is a meat breed because surplus animals of the dairy goat farm are send for slaughter their taste are also similar.

Indiais a leading goat producing country

  • Goat population – 160 million.
  • Indiarank-2nd.
  • Rank 1stis ofchinawith 180 million goats.
  • Indiacontributes 17% to the world goat population.
  • Indian goat industry registered 5% growth rate inspite of having 45% slaughter 5-10% mortality.
  • Rank in goat meat export is 11th. This means consumption is very high in the country itself.
  • Further if increase the production we can increase our share in export also because indian meat is known as organic meat liked by european middle eastern countries.
Why goats ?

  • The initial investment needed for goat farming is low.
  • Goats are prolific breeders achieve sexual maturity at the age of 8-10 months, gestation period is 5 months at age of 15-16 months it starts giving milk.
  • 12 months after puberty are sufficient to attain 50-60 kg weight.
  • Twinning is very common
  • In drought prone areas risk of goat farming is very less as compare to other livestock.
  • Unlike large commercial farm conditions both male female have equal value.
  • Goat meat (chevon/cabarito) is more lean chewable than sheep meat (mutton), so more like by people.
  • Goat milk is naturally homogenized easy to digest. It improve digestion improve appetite. Goat milk is non allergic as compare to cow milk it has anti fungal anti bacterial properties can be used for treating urogenital disease of fungal origin.

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