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Hemorrhagic Sepcaetemia (H.S) in Goats

Septicaemia means; bacteria come in blood and divide their which cause fever.Caused by Bacteria (Pasteurella haemolytica)Mainly cause pneumonia Occur in all age groups & seen mainly in the month March to MaySudden death with 5% mortality

  • Poorly ventilated barns
  • Exposure to bad weather
  • Transportation stress
  • Mal nutrition
These factors are predisposing & aggravate (petrol in fire) the disease

Remember Pasteurella is always present inside the animal body & waits for stressful environment & suddenly broken out when immune system weakens.

Mainly 3 forms;

1.Pneumonic Pasteurellosis: Occur in all ages 2. Septicaemic Pasteurellosis: Occur in kids 2days -2months (mostly- 2-3 wks) 3.Systemic Pasteurellosis: Occur in ages of 5-12 month of age due to stress


Look at rough coat

  • I must say that u not need to learn about 3 forms but
  • you should know that disease occur at any stage of life in different forms.
  • So it is better to vaccinate at 2 month of age & repeat
    every 6 month (especially before rainy season)
  • Up to 2 month who will take care of disease????? it is first colustrum/milk, of mother goat who is vaccinated regularly, which protects young one (don’t forget to give colustrum to new born; give within an hour)

How do you get know that your farm in affected with HS

  • Sudden death without any clinical sign in case 1 (citd above in box) – in small kids
  • Older kids typically show Respiratory Distress ( sans lene main takleef
    pneumonia ki wajah se )
  • Coughing, nasal discharge & slight froth at mouth (muh main jhaag)
    Fever up to 107 F
  • When disease become chronic (purana) – respiratory sound become
    prominent (sans lete waqt awaz ayegi)
  • Death (1/2 – 3days)
  • Recovered animals having pneumonia show poor growth
  • In 2 case animal may lie down on surface bleeding from nose.

Don’t worry hopefully this situation will not encounter at your farm if you perform following steps. 1st and foremost thing – perform vaccination (it will available at your nearby Gov. Veterinary Hospital).

  • If it is not available then go to IVRI Bareilly or CIRG makhdoom or contact Intervet (private company) to deliver THE VACCINE. I recommend to buy combine vaccine of (HS + BQ; it is available in 100ml (Rs 50/-) vial and give 2ml subcut. Revaccinate Yearly.
  • 1 thing should always remember that this bacteria is always being with the animal so you cant get rid of it but you can do 2 things to prevent the disease; don’t give any stress to animal (like poor ventilation, poor nutrition, overcrowding in a shed & transportation) and also provide adequate shelter & sanitation during rainy season.
Pneumonic lung in case of pasteurella

Treatment of affected animal; (this I am telling you so that you can supervise your drug administrator)


  • a. Sulphadimidine (diadin/sulfamin) @ 150mg/kg B.Wt i/v or i/m 3 – 5 days
  • b. Or Biotrim @ 20mg/kg B.Wt i/m for 5 days
  • c. Melonex plus @ 0.2mg/kg B.Wt 2 times in a day for 5 days
  • d. If you see swelling in neck and brisket (between the forelegs) than administer Lasix/Ridema @3mg/kg B.Wt

Important Points; kai baar field conditions main aisi nobat aati hai jab aapke liye daily injection lagana possible nahi hota, us case main aap Long Acting antibiotic use kar sakte hain jaise LA oxytetracycline/Enrocin jo do din tak kaam karti hai