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Goat Farming Conferences & Entrepreneurship Program

To facilitate proper networking among the goat farmers as well as technology providers and scientists we organize conferences on goat farming and its supply chain management. These conferences work as a platform for goat farmers where they can listen to the expert speakers on different subjects. Our main agenda always remain to bring new innovations in front of goat industry so it can develop at higher pace. There will sects dealing comprehensively with techno-economic feasibility of large scale farm establishments. We will try to review all the practical constraints faced by new farmers and see how they can overcome it. Our upcoming conference is going to be held in Delhi.


  • Housing and climatic adaptability of goats

  • Feeding and nutrition – A Perspective in Indian conditions

  • Health management program

  • Breeding to improve growth traits and productivity

  • Pregnancy diagnosis in an organized farm

  • General farm practices

  • Processing and International Marketing

  • Creation of synthetic breed

  • Practical difficulties in goat farming

  • Credit facilities for goat farmers