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Vision, Mission & Goals

Vision and Mission

We are working for the welfare of the goat farming sector and want to consolidate the supply chain by providing wholesome knowledge of goat farming and marketing. We have to create strong working condition and knowledge base for the new entrepreneurs which have the potential to install big state of art goat farms. We are also striving hard to bring small and marginal goat farmers especially women into main stream of development. First hand information for every client to satisfy their queries is the main work and mission of Goat Gyan knowledge portal. Under this mission Goat Gyan is continuously developed its system for a wide variety of requirements to the highest quality of standards.


Goat Gyan opens a world of goat farming consultancy services and products – with new possibilities for more efficient, sustainable and profitable goat meat and milk production.

We are working keeping future trends in mind. Goat farming is definitely will be the farming of future. We don’t know how world will look tomorrow? How are markets evolving? How can we provide sustainable food to the growing population? No doubt that simple stomach animals like poultry and swine are food competitor for humans and we cant feed them for indefinite period of time but small ruminants could be choice of animals for future farming and we have to develop it. We are discovering what drives markets starts with asking the right questions. It’s the only way for us to prepare for new challenges. This knowledge portal, dedicated to goat farming, is the first step towards change and reconstruction of this potent sector.

Join us and explore your opportunities in the world of Goat Farming consultancy services and products, together!