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Our Objectives

  1. To help out farmers to form an association/cooperatives to systemize goat breeding & improve its genetic traits with the help of selective breeding in nucleus breeding farms regulated by these associations

  2. To promote systematic goat breeding and to create standards for male & female used in selective breeding

  3. To establish herd book to recognize and register animals having desired genetic potential

  4. To provide first hand scientific knowledge of goat rearing to the new entrepreneurs who want to establish their farms and feel difficulty at my points like selecting breeds for farms, fodder production & procurement, Health plans and many other issues.

  5. To workout proper networking of farmers having different breeds & helps them in improvement of breed in their farm & stop indiscriminate breeding.

  6. To promote working of modern state of art goat farms according to the Good Agriculture Practices & follow OIE regulations thereby increasing international trade of meat & germplasm.

  7. Bringing authorities and working groups at one platform and achieve the goal of creation of broiler meat breed having high average daily gain & increase fecundity.

  8. Suggesting cooperatives to follow proper marketing plans and help in assessing market, systemize its marketing, helping farmers to gain genuine returns & insure the members against market slum at the time of festival.

  9. To give technical help to new farmers who want to establish commercial goat farm & also help them to market their product.

  10. To assess the future trends of goat meat export from India and its international trade requirements

  11. To harness latest technology available all over the world to improve production

  12. To help out marginal farmers by formulating guiding principles & try to bring them in main stream by creating forward & backward integration.

  13. Assessing available conventional fodder to substitute quality fodder & lower down cost of production.

  14. To carry out regular technical seminars, entrepreneurship programs, international conferences to discuss various issues related to goat farming like operational difficulties, market analysis, future trends, creating cooperatives etc.