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Welcome to the world of GoatGyan bringing all information related to goat farming at one point. At present we can see that government has now tightened the policy and consolidating action plan for the development of small ruminant production in India. XII five year plan clearly pave the way for overall upliftment of this sector through the implementation of newer technology. Keeping future trends in mind and after assessment of present status of commercial goat farming in India this comprehensive knowledge portal is being designed. The main purpose of this knowledge forum is to provide first hand scientific information in a lucid and easily understandable form to the new entrepreneurs and farmers. Creation of healthy knowledge community including emerging entrepreneurs and goat farming experts will add more value to this concept. We hope that this goat farming knowledge portal will help in integrating fragmented goat industry and create awareness among the people about intensive goat farming.

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article thumbnailCarole Axton of Cadenza Boer Goat Stud in Gippsland has already overseen the relocation of hundreds of goats to the south Asian republic. They are a primary source of food and income for much of the 26 million population — almost a quarter of which lives below the poverty line. "A few years ago there was a tender that came up for live goats and semen for Nepal," Ms Axton said of the United...
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